Thursday, May 19, 2005

Newsletter - May 05

Hello All,

First up, welcome to Andy and Marama, of Bridge St. Cycles, in sunny Nelson. I’m pleased to announce that Bridge St. Cycles are the latest addition to the New Zealand Santa Cruz dealer network. Andy is so happy with the bikes that he now has his own personal Blur 4X. The bike I’m currently riding and raving about.

Well haven’t Santa Cruz been busy? The Blur is now morphing into 3 specific models, Blur 4X, Blur XC and Blur LT. There is also completely new bike, a long awaited 6.5 inch travel VPP Frame, the Nomad, on the way. There has already been a lot of interest in the long travel Blur (BLT) and the Nomad. It’s amazing how quickly the information gets to discussion forums on the old inter-web too. These new bikes are defiantly generating more interest to the Santa Cruz brand and there have even been some pre-orders for some of the frames. I will keep you up to date with expected arrival dates. The current Blur will still be available and is now referred to as the “classic”.

More racing news: The Hanmer Ground Effect 12 hour Day/Nighter. We entered both a women’s and men’s team in this race and didn’t we do well? The girls blitzed the field by 36 minute lead over their closest competitors and the guys got a 2nd place. We were only one minute behind the winning Burger Wisconsin team. There was some extremely close racing for 12 hours. A management decision to make the slower team members do less laps was put into place. This meant I only did 3 (comparitivly slow) laps as apposed to the 8 or 9 laps of the faster team riders. I think I have to get used to being referred to as a slower rider.
Look for us at Rotorua. We have the girls entered and they’ll be trying to out perform as many teams there as possible too.

Very expensive brakes, Brembo have finally released a set of disk brakes for mountain bikes. These are a very high quality item with titanium hardware and 200mm floating rotors with a stainless steel braking surface. I will get more information as it comes to hand. The initial release will be a very limited production run, these brakes will be for your customers that need the best of everything. Expect a RRP of $2800.00, wow! Expect to see more from Brembo in the future. Please contact us is you think that you have customers interested. There will only be a very limited amount of brakes allocated to New Zealand. Wouldn’t they look great in your store?

I also would like to be one of the first countries in the world to get the new Blur models. I am working with Santa Cruz to organize the new Blur XC’s for the Santa Cruz team and I would imagine the Blur LT’s will be ready at the same time. Please contact with your requirements, I expect the Blur LT’s will be very hot items. Long travel Blurs is what a lot of customers have been waiting for and there are already shops with pre-orders.

Thanks again for your support,

Mike Stylianou & Sandra Williams