Friday, August 19, 2005

Newsletter - August 2005

Hello All,
The most important piece of information that I have to get across is that we now have a new phone number. We shifted house in sunny Nelson and Telecom made us get a new phone number. So here it is (03) 548 0879. Our new physical address is 14 Stanley Crescent, Nelson.
By the time you read this I will be in Australia. We’ll be there for a week, from the 3rd August. We’re heading to Cooloongolook for a wedding. Sandra’s brother is getting hitched, so I thought it was time I met him. Cooloongolook is a couple hours drive north of Sydney. We’re in Oz for enough time to get through customs and sort out some duty free.

Weasel Poo Coffee
Supposedly the rarest coffee beans known to man, turned up in my PO Box. They made a great short black and even better after a two hour ride in some beautiful Nelson single track. Thanks

The Smails
According to their last email, Rob and Annika are having way too much fun in Switzerland. Looks like the training is going well too, with two hour climbs at altitude. Looks fantastic. Almost like Nelson but with chocolate and bank accounts.

Good luck to Jason Hill, who’s heading off to do the trans. Rockies race. Good luck mate, he’s now the proud owner of an XL apple green Superlight. Probably one of the lightest XL sized bikes around. Oh yeah, Jason will be racing a Santa Cruz this season.

Approx 200 riders at the second round of the Christchurch winter series. A great day and a great course.

Congrat’s to Laurence who got his Blur to the finish line before anyone else.
Amanda Davies is looking like she may have the Queen of N-Duro lined up too.
Rumours that a few teams are secretly training for the Day/Night thriller. Planet Cycles, Pack&Pedal, Jungle Coffee and NZ mountain biker mag all had teams entered in the 12 hours of Woddhill. I’m sure they’re just warming up for the Day/Nighter. It’s all about strategy!

Increasing Market Share
Congrat’s to Rick & Keighley, Shane & Danielle and Graham & Hana all who have announced that they are pregneant. Good on you “guys”, NZ needs more mountain bikers

Yet again, I am NOT the first person to get the first of a new Santa Cruz model. By the time you read this, Taky (my brother) will be building up the one and only Nomad that arrived in New Zealand. Santa Cruz cannot keep up with demand for the US market, but I have convinced them to send one to New Zealand. We don’t know how lucky we are.

New Blurs
A few more have snuck into the country. Contact me for more details or miss out.

Thanks again for your support,
Mike Stylianou & Sandra Williams

PS. Thanks Dave.