Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Newsletter - October 05 Doing the Double

Hello All,

Doing the DoubleWell we did it, I had dreamed of this day for many years. The Ground Effect/Santa Cruz team beat the Bike Fix team at the Taupo 12 hour Day/Nighter. The race that is advertised as the largest 12 hour race in the world. Laurence Mote, Andy Reid, Jason Hill, Josh Barley and Chris Burr beat Paul Bishop’s Bike Fix team by 30 seconds after 12 hours of racing. The Bike Fix team have won this race the last 4 years in a row! The Ground Effect/Santa Cruz team are all South Island based, which may prove that mainlanders are faster than north islanders.
Also the Santa Cruz “A Team”, won the women’s category for the 2nd year. Amanda Davies, Trish Wrigley, Annika Smail, Brenda Clapp and Christina Freeman performed brilliantly and had a comfortable 2½ minute lead. They were also top 20 overall.
A very BIG thanks two both teams, especially those who travelled from the South Island to be part of the team.
The pressure of the ‘change over’.

It’s all about the Bike
New Santa Cruz 06 models are now available and were fully tested in Taupo. Between the two teams there were 5 new Blur XC’s being raced. The one comment that everyone made was “these XC’s are fast!”. This was also the first time I got to ride my Nomad ‘off road’. A quick test lap around course proved to me that the Nomad is an amazing bike. As I keep telling everyone, this is THE ONE bike you need. I also managed some futher ‘testing’ in Rotorua too.
The DHX5.0 air shock option will now be an option on the Heckler, VP-Free, Blur LT & 4X. I rate this shock on my Nomad.

NomadsThis bike ROCKS!

Happiness is a new Nomad

Hyperformance Hardware Directors ride bikes!
Just in case you thought we had stopped riding bikes and relegated ourselves to ‘management only’ jobs, Sandra and I joined team from Spoke magazine for a ride in Hanmer Springs. We were invited by Caleb Smith and his Spoke crew to check out new single track in Hanmer. These tracks are pretty amazing and Hanmer may well become the Roto-Vegas of the south (Hanmer-Vegas?). Anyway, there will be a lot more info in the bigger, brighter, all new Spoke magazine. Supposedly there are a couple of pictures of me too. So with the one in this news letter and two in Spoke, I must have used up my 15 minutes of fame. If you’re in Hanmer, go for a ride! The single track rocks.

South Island Terminology
By the time you read this, I will hopefully have recovered from the ‘Mammoth’. A Nelson 35km annual XC race. Every year there is a different course, but usually consists of a couple of climbs and some traversing. Now a ‘climb’ in Nelson can be an hour long and a ‘traverse’ can be something an agile goat would consider difficult. Basically I found this race really hard, so if you’re not doing anything next October and you like bike pain, come and do the Mammoth.

Official WelcomeWelcome to the team, Andy Reid. Andy has just got a new Blur XC and his first real ride was at the Day/Nighter. He managed to do the two fastest laps of the race. I think he’s got the hang of the XC.

Thanks again for your support,
Mike Stylianou & Sandra Williams
PS. Thanks Arthur Smithers for your new collection.