Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Newsletter - December 05

Hello All,
It’s almost Xmas!
Well, it’s hard to believe that Xmas is nearly here. Sandra and I are planning a quick trip to Auckland to visit family, friends and to pick up a fresh shipment Santa Cruz’s. Anyhow, I look forward to catching up, seeing the Xmas lights on Franklin Rd and a new pair of workshop jeans.
A New Kiwi
Mr & Mrs Smail, 100% Kiwi citizens
(this man is not a model)

A Quick Visit
Margaret McKenzie ‘popped’ down from Auckland for a coffee and quick ride on my Nomad. Up, up, up Sharland’s, then down, down, down some very nice single track. The rest of the afternoon was spent in Kaffine with some recovery coffee.
News & Results, North & South

Team Santa Cruz and friends (TSC&F) do the double. With ‘white lightning’ full of diesel and the Vulcaniser and Hanmer Hammerhead on the same weekend, why wouldn’t you? Two days of very competitive XC racing. Saturday, The Vulcaniser, tight single and farm tracks. Rain set in at the start of the race to make things interesting (slippery wet grass and clay, interesting). The first 4 places in open men taken by TSC&F. Open women, Brenda ‘Bob’ Clapp a comfortable 2nd place and getting quicker in the wet conditions. The very next day, Hanmer Hammerhead, hot, dusty, fast flowing single track and fast gravel climbs. TSC&F took top 3 places in open men and Brenda ‘Bob’ Clapp another comfortable 2nd place.
TSC&F are Andy Reid, Brenda Clapp, Chris Burr, Jason Hill and Laurence Mote (and a few more friends). Oh yeah, my results can be discussed at a later date. Anyhow a great weekend, with some great people. Thanks to Jason Blair for accommodations and thrashing me in the Vet1 class. My ego is still hurting.

North Island
Amanda Davies has had some very strong competition in the Auckland series and finished 2nd overall. Andrew East took his new Blur XC for a test ride at the Auckland final and convincingly thrashed everyone. Dale Cragg and Jenna MacGill are leading their respective classes with winning the first two Counties Manakua DH series. Good on the new CMMBC committee for sorting out a great series too. BIG turn outs.
Josh Barley got 2nd in the Makara Rally. I also heard that some of the team joined the “fun” at the round Taupo Roadie. For results try to look up Amanda Davies, Annika Smail, Andrew East, Andrew Reid and Josh Barley’s results. Any who, they were pretty quick.
thanks to http://www.thesportingimage.co.nz/ for the picture

Nomads (it’s still about the bike)
A plane full of Nomads are being man handled by custom’s as I type. Get one on your shop floor now! I even managed to get a couple of Hecklers and Blur LT’s.

People behind Spoke magazine ride bikes (or do they?)
And you thought all they did was take nice pictures and write nice articles. Look see, proof. Oh yeah it also seems the 5 out 8 vorbites ‘and ride’ the Wakamarina prefer Santa Cruz bikes.
(Tama & friends ‘ride’ Wakamarina)
Welcome aboard
Welcome to the team, Jenna MacGill. A great addition to the team. If you haven’t heard of Jenna, you will soon.

Merry Xmas and thanks for being part of the team, Mike Stylianou & Sandra Williams

PS. Hanmer Hammerhead for 2007 Nationals!