Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Anja McDonald reports on the World Champs

It's Monday morning and we're just getting ready to vacate the house we've been staying in for the week of the Worlds here in Fort William.
For everyone who's been wishing me luck and following my stories along the way, here's a quick recap of how things went.

I had a great start - placed on the 4th row of the grid of almost 70 riders. There was a crash near the front just after the start but i managed to avoid it and had a clean run with the front 20 riders to where the track steepened and narrowed. At this point i somehow managed to pull the cable for my rear mech out of the mount it on the frame, making it impossible to find and easier gear. Nor would it stay in the gear it was supposed to be in.

I lost maybe 12 places trying to keep it going up the hill, and down the descent to the tech zone where our mechanic popped it back into place. I was off again, sprinting like a demon to get some places back. I only had 4 laps so it was going to be 3 more laps as fast as I'd ever ridden.

The track was great - firm, fast and groomed. It was basically 250m ascent with a bermed switchback descent section followed by a slightly more rocky section and a flat fire road sprint back towards the event village. A short climb and a short rocky downhill brought you back to the start/finish line and completed the 7.4km lap.

The rest of the race unfolded smoothly but i had to stop on my final lap to tighten a loose front quick release, loosing more places.

I had a great race and finished 40th - a little frustrated but stoked to had otherwise had such great ride on a fantastic track. Rosara had an outstanding finish in 5th place, Kaytee Boyd came in 27th with a a spectacular ride and Jenny Connell 56th.

Thank you to everyone and I'll be in touch again soon.


Thursday, September 06, 2007

2008 Bullit

Is this the last Bullit with a polished rear swing arm in the world? Supposedly so, and it's mine! Good things come to those who wait......or something.