Monday, December 10, 2007

Hogging the Podium, South Island Cup - Round 1

Chris Burr, Overall winner Arrowsmith

The first race of the new nationals series format was held at Arrowsmith, this race was the first of the South Island Cup races. The Arrowsimth course was a 42km loop race with a mass start for all competitors.
This made interesting reading for the results. Chris Burr, a supposed retired racer entered On the Day (OTD) in the vet class on a borrowed Santa Cruz Blur XC. He beat the complete field by almost 10 minutes.
There was a good Santa Cruz representation on the podium too.
Pro-Elite Men
Aaron Reardon, 2nd
Pro-Elite Women
Cathy Hamer, 1st
George Bennett, 3rd
Vet1 Men
Chris Burr 1st (Overall winner, beating all the pro-elite field)
Vet2 Men
Craig Phillips, 2nd.
Well Done!

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Spoke Competition Winner

Jason from Rotorua won the copy of We Just Work Here, for correctly counting 10 Santa Cruz's in the latest issue of Spoke. Thanks for everyone who entered.
Correct answers;
1. Mark Weir, inside cover
2. Steve Peat, page 27
3. Mark Weir, Fox ad, page 29
4. Adam Lovell, Nzo ad, page 31
5. Mark Weir, Brake Burner, page 36
6. Daryl Warnock, Kill Devil picture, page 46 (yes a tricky one, can't you tell that's a Heckler?)
7. Me, Center Fold, The Hackett
8. Annika Smail, page 53
9. Leif Roy, riding Caleb's Nomad, page 61
10. Nomad write up, page 64.
Trick picture, Chris Burr talks about riding his Heckler in Pakistan, but he's not actually in the picture.
Sorry for all of you who 'just' miss out. You can still rush out a purchase a copy of 'We Just Work Here', there are a few left. Go on, what else are you going to do on Xmas day, when everything is closed and you're had too much food and drink?