Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Santa Cruz riders Kick Arse at Nasby 12hour

Bridget from Ground Effect and her team of Santa Cruz riders, the Blury-eyed Heckling Nomads, go to Naseby....

Craig, Tim, Shane, Heather and Bridget all ventured south into a winter wonderland for the Naseby 12 hr race. 2 Nomads and 3 Blurs took to the single track and had a blast. The track started out slick and cold but then dried out and bedded into to become a fast and fun loop that left grins on faces every lap - despite the cold!
There was a great turn out with 150 teams, 864 riders and lots of spectators enjoying the race as much as the competitors. A brilliantly run event with a great atmosphere and facilities and the Santa Cruz bikes left their mark. First placing in the Mixed grade and 2nd overall, and one of the nomads was one of only 3 riders to do a sub 25 min lap.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Laurence Mote, Ground Effect Cover Star

Check out the latest Ground Effect catalogue (either online or in hard copy) and the cover star is Laurence Mote, not only is he a nice guy, Ground Effect employee and bloody good rider, he's also a Santa Cruz fan.

He's riding what is now referred to as the Blur LT classic (new LT is just around the corner), he's currently got a new Heckler, which he will rave about if asked.

The new Ground Effect catalogue looks good too, check them out

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

New 2008 Blur LT

Check this out, more Blur LT info.....If you could only have one bike, this would be a pretty dang good bike to have.