Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Mojo SL's in New Zealand!

Ok, there are a handfull of Mojo SL frames in the country, medium and large sizes only.
These are in Planet Cycles in Auckland, Bike Culture in Rotorau or Village Cycles in Nelson.....go and check them out.
They are sooooo nice.
Also this is a nice video from a german Ibis fan, check it out

Thursday, August 07, 2008

2009 Ibis news and some Mojo SL's are in New Zealand

The wait is over, well for some of you, anyway. A hand full of Mojo SL's have hit our shores and are currently on their way to dealers who ordered them first.

I only have medium and large frames available in grey or brown. There may be a spare large clear frame. If you want one of these you better talk to your Ibis stockist fast as!

It's a hard life I know, but I can't decided between the brown or the grey, originally I thought brown, but I quite like the look of the grey now.......oh well, I'll think it over.

Tranny News

Picture thanks to

I just got a small update from Ibis about what is happening for their 2009 range.

They have been working their butt's off to get the new Tranny ready to be shown off at Interbike. With Brian Lopes's input, they have been making a few tweaks, to make sure it's just right. They have been working on giving the frame more tyre clearance, stiffness and shaving a little more weight off it.
Not sure if this is official either, but the colours I've been told the Tranny will be available are;
Matte Clear, Gloss Metallic Green and Gloss Metallic Orange.
You can see Mr. Lopes pictured above on a white Tranny.


For those of you that have seen Fix Push (if you haven't, it's at the bottom of this post), Fix Push 2 is coming!

Monday, August 04, 2008

Waiheke Bikes

Waiheke Bikes is now LIVE, Matt Krosh from Planet Cycles is ALSO running Waiheke Bikes.
So when in Waiheke, make sure you check them out, I'm sure Matt would love to see you and maybe he'll make you a cup of tea too.
Oh yeah, Matt now has a new Ibis Mojo too, he seems to be a bit of a fan, so I'm sure Matt will been keen to discuss all things Ibis related too.
Waiheke Bikes
34 Beresford Avenue
Waiheke Island
Phone: 021 0236 0241

Syndicate Team, Mont Saint Anne, DH World Cup

It's all happening in Nelson.

"So Sandra, how do I get on the top of the list for the New Nomad? "

It's been a pretty happening few weeks in Nelson.

First up, we got a visit form the Prime Minister, Helen Clark and Sandra got a chance to meet her.
The weather has been pretty crappy around the whole of New Zealand, Nelson is usually know for it's fine sunny weather......check this out!