Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Seb Kemp Is Not Gay.

Seb Kemp doesn't like 29er's, not really a fan of Santa Cruz bikes or VPP, so he wasn't that excited about helping Bike Magazine test one.
You (and I) might be suprised what he thought of it, check out his thoughts on

A BIG thanks to Caleb Smith for posting this.

Monday, October 05, 2009

More From Interbike - Mr. Ferrerntino doing what he does best

MtotheF talking about bikes at Interbike.

More From Straitline - Interbike

My back order for Bear Bell's are almost full, if you need a Bear Bell, best you get back to me fast. Straitline have also informed me that they are almost out of the Pink coloured Bear Bell too.
If you like the Bear Bell, you might like some of their other stuff too.......looks bloody nice.

WARNING, Clicking on the above picture of the chainguide, will 'jump' you to the German Playboy site where the German Playmates discuss the new features of Straitline's new guide......well, I don't speak German, so not sure what they are saying.
Also, probably NSFW, it is after all the German Playboy website.

Straitline is Coming

Hyperformance Hardware Proud To Announce that "We're working with Straitline"

The Straitline guys are Canadian, make some good stuff and are very funny too.
They work on some pretty innovative products too, check out their bear bell technology they designed earlier this year.

Straitline Bear Bell Technology from Eric Peterson on Vimeo.

Make sure you check out their blog, some of the stuff is very informative, other stuff is just really funny; and their website is worth a look too;
Straitline are also going to release a new chain-guide, it will be really light and have no moving parts. Even German Playboy seems to like it; (warning, the video is probably NSFW and contains German)

Friday, October 02, 2009


Did I pop a tire? Yeah Right!

A good workman always blames his tools. Kids, really, don't try this at home.