Retailers in New Zealand

Retailers in New Zealand. These good guys & gals will have a range of our bikes and products in store and ride them too

Planet Cycle

213 Dominion Rd, Mt. Eden, Auckland 1024

09 630 6940


33 Barry's Point Road, Takapuna, North Shore 0622, Auckland

09 489 5494, 0800 KIWIVELO,

Torpedo 7

K Road, Auckland 1010

09 309 6444,

Bike Culture

1133 Pukuatua St, Rotorua

07 343 9372,,

Central Bicycle Studio

69 Walding Street, Palmerston North, 4414

06 358 6151,,

Dirt Merchants

93 Aro Street, Aro Valley, Wellington

04 385 0398,

Torpedo 7

Cnr Rutherford & Bridge Street, Nelson 7010

03 548 4999,

Scotty Browns

206 Wordsworth St, Sydenham, Christchurch 8023

03 366 3773,,

Torpedo 7

1 Picton Ave & Blenheim Road, Tower Junction, Addington, Christchurch 8011

03 365 2178,

Torpedo 7

The Forge Building, Cnr Camp & Shotover Streets, Queenstown 9300

03 409 0409,

Racers Edge

99 Ardmore Street, Wanaka 9305

03 443 7882,,

Torpedo 7

70 Stuart St, Dunedin 9016

03 474 1211,

Friday, December 24, 2010

Another 'all new' Bike from Santa Cruz

A little bit more info at 104 Bronson.

I don't know anything else, you guys know as much as I do now.

Andy Reid - Between Two Ferns

Andy Reid is a great guy to know, a great rider and very modest about it too (as you will see from his Between Two Ferns answers).
Andy was one of the guys on the team who helped win Taupo Day-Night Thriller in the year both the Men's and Women's category.....back in '05.....when people thought that full suspension bikes were slower than those bikes with out rear suspension...hard-tails?
Andy would consistently smack out the fastest lap times and then go out and do a faster lap.

Andy is one of the few people I know, that really does seem to be a full time cyclist first, but also has a full time job.
Anywho, he's a great guy, pretty handy on a bike and has owned all versions of the Nomad.

Who are you?
Andy Reid
Bikes, what have you got, what have you ridden, what would you like, what’s you fav?  What do you love about your bike/s?
Carbon Nomad (Favourite)
Ibis silk road
fixie (best commuter racing option)

Also had a Blur XC, Nomad V1, Nomad V2. I clearly remember the first ride on each of these, it was always like "holy shit this bike is wicked!! I'm having the best ride of my life"

Would love to try a Carbon V10 or a Tall Boy

What sort of mountain biker do you class yourself as?
A mountainbiker? Actually just any biker, if it's got wheels I'll ride it.

Best race ever?
Brake Burner - most intenseness and fun you could pack into 6 hours.

But if you like(?) to ride up the hill, then it's got to be the coppermine, you can't beat getting to the top of fringe knowing you're in for some lush singletrack good times for the next 2 hours or so.

What motivates you?
commuter racing, I'm racing every bike commuter... I just think none of them realise it.

Who motivates you, do you look up to, special person, people that help you out, etc, bla, bla?
Commuter racing is the key to my motivation.

I've been on Santa Cruz bikes for a few years now and the support Mike has given has been wicked. Also the guys at BASIC bikes in Christchurch do a great job making up for my non existent mechanical skills.

 Goals for the season?
Maximum single track good times.
Coppermine Spot prize should be? (and have you voted?)
a)      Butcher
b)      Nickel
c)       Heckler
d)      Nothing, the race is great, let Mike keep the Nickel....he needs more bikes.
a - I heard it is mint.

 The secret to winning?
a)      Motivation DVD’s that you buy off late night TV
b)      Read some books
c)       Ride my bike lots
d)      Other

Most inspirational thing your parents have said to you.
I'm not sure I can remember any motivational pep talks when I was younger, but they were always there offering support and the fact that they came and watched nearly every club road race, track session or mountainbike race was inspiration enough.

 How wide are you handle bars and are you planning to go wider?
685, but I get wide bar envy every time I ride with Mike etc... Maybe some 710's would be the go.

Your favourite ride (you can say Peaking Ridge)
Cass Saddle to Hamilton Hut and back. Epic.

 Petrol head Friday
a)      V8
b)      Ricer
c)       Hybrid
d)      WTF?

d - 1981 Renault 5 GTL
(I really must a Euro-Trash category M.S.)
The Renault 5's were really cool too, especially when Renault decided to stick a turbo on them)

a)      Yes
b)      Mum usually drives us to the top
c)       I would rather ride up, thanks!
d)      You’re crazy, I’m not riding down that.

Usually C, if you can't drive a car to the top then it's going to be more good times down.

I also have heard back-loading is the latest craze... do you have a spare David Bain jersey Handy? (Does a Bart Simpson jersey count? M.S.)

Why are you a better rider than Mike S?
Knowing that Mike lived in Auckland all those years I'd have nothing when it came to a real commuter show down with him.
(Been a while since I commuter raced......I work from home, but happy to take you up on the long as don't have to ride a fixie! M.S)

Thursday, December 23, 2010

V10 Carbon - Syndicate Replica

Righto, secured three medium V10 Carbon Syndicate Replica Bikes, basically as pictured (except they will all have Fox RC4 coil rear shocks).
Should be here very early next year (which is not that far away).

Talk to you dealer.......and in reality there is only two, because I am keeping one.

Also first shipment of frame only's (all spoken for, more later in Jan 2011).
These may or may not be's what imagine they would look like.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Petrol Head Friday - Marketing (Lots of video's too)

Not only am I a bit of Petrol Head, I quite like the marketing that is associated along with it.  You can't just go out and produce a good car and not tell anyone, can you?

I've been told that all car marketing is actually designed to reinforce the purchasing decision, check out this clips and see what you think.

First up, BMW, back in 2001 & 2002 BMW jumped on the Internet band-wagon made a series of eight short movies.
Here are a couple of them, first up Guy Ritchie featuring Madonna and an M5.
Watch the whole thing.....really, it's a lot better than you think.....smoking rear tyres to keep Chris Burr happy.

Now this one IS my favourite, James Brown, Gary Oldman and Marilyn Mason, directed by Tony Scott, the driving bit is really upstaged by the might contain a BMW in there somewhere too.

Ozzie Ford like keep it simple for their market, meat pies, beer and a joke about metrosexuals.  Car marketing for them hasn't really come a long way.....but we'll see what happens when Holden and Ford need to start selling hybrids and electric cars and drop the V8.....that should their marketing departments busy.

The Golf GTi has a lot of fans, I've driven a couple of the various generations and they are very good cars, but would this enforce that purchasing decision?  Probably.

All Citroen buyers need is dancing transformer to keep them happy with their purchase.

The people at Ford must have done some market research to tell them the SportKa owners really hated animals.  Not recommend for cat lovers.

Audi use of their marketing budget to makie fun of the competition, fair enough.

Alfa Romeo keep it pretty simple, girls, driving fast.....and a sloth?

Subaru just thought they would make fun of ze Germans.

Yes, not enough fast is the Ford Mustang, exactly what you would expect.

And what's the bet you thought I couldn't relate this to mountain bikes?

Monday, December 13, 2010

Dirk Peters - Between Two Ferns

John F Kennedy made a speech in 1962 about choosing to go the moon, not because it is easy, but because it is hard.
For a young mountain biker from Rotorua choosing to take on the world with a Cross Country mountain bike is never going to be easy.....Dirk Peters wanted to take on the world, not because it was easy, but because it was hard.

In 2009 the Mountain Bike world champs were staged in Ozzie, Dirk was one of 3 young kiwi riders help bump the NZ Junior Men's world ranking up to fifth place. 
In my perspective, this would be like sending a bunch of guys in an over sized bean can to the moon.  (Don't forget they didn't even have calculators in 1962...that's right not even the old Casio fx82 was around)

I would also like to add, that it's a real pleasure to know Dirk and his family, definitely one of the perks of my job.

1. Who are you?

A man on a mission.
2. Bikes?
I had always been a hard tail rider and was convinced that they were the way to go for racing. However that changed when I rode my first Santa Cruz Blur XC. I saw advantages immediately and went out and won a race in my first ever outing with my new Blur XC.

I currently ride a Blur XC Carbon and I am also very keen to my get my hands on a longer travel bike perhaps a Nickel or maybe even a Blur LT.
(Dirk's new 2011 Blur XC Carbon should be arriving soon too, it will be black.....or a murdered out whip as the kids call it these days)

3. What sort of mountain biker do you class yourself as?
Cross Country Racer.

4. What motivates you?
The desire to win and the opportunity to make a career out something I enjoy, riding bikes.

5. Goals for the season?
My major objectives for 2010 are:
1. Win the New Zealand National Championships.
2. Finish in the top 2 at Oceania Championships.
3. Place in the top 10 at World Championships U23 men.

6. Coppermine spot prize should be?
A) Butcher
B) Nickel
C) Heckler
Any of the above would be an awesome prize. Although I will have to say that I voted for the Nickel.

7. The secret to winning?
Hard work, dedication and attention to detail.

8. How wide are your handlebars?
660mm, that’ll do me for racing anyway.

9. Favourite ride?
At home in Rotorua: up to Tuhoto Ariki, then Hatupatu and back down g rock, chestnut etc.

Away: Moerangi track.

10. Petrol head Friday:
A) V8
B) Ricer
C) Hybrid
A, V8

11. Shuttling?
May be when I’m old and slow or if I had a DH bike.
(that sounds like a young whipper snapper answer to me! M.S.)
12. Why are you a better rider than Mike S. ?
I spend more time on my bike than my computer.
(So that's the answer eh?M.S.)

Don't forget you can follow Dirk via his own blog.....which he somehow finds time to update, when he's not riding his bike.

Thursday, December 09, 2010

Petrol Head Friday - The Alternative Version...

I'm normally a bit of a fan of the "Petrol Head Friday" posts, but there were always too many four wheelers and not enough two wheelers. You can't have a petrol head theme on a bike blog without some real bikes for petrol heads.

I've recently purchased a Santa Cruz, but one day when I really cannot be bothered pedaling anymore I will buy a Ducati. But what Ducati and SC combo go together?

Recently everyone has been raving about the new V10 carbon. Well if you rock up to the line on a V10, you generally mean business. As kindly demonstrated by some guy called Greg:

So the equivalent Ducati? Well there was a lot of hype for this new model as well. The new Ducati Diavel:

It's a bit different, so maybe not the first choice of everyone. So maybe something a little more versatile?
Blur LT Carbon or Monster?

Hmm definitely a popular choice, but what if you want to step it up a bit?

Well, I guess that means you want to race a bit. Obviously the equivalent Santa Cruz is a Blur XC Carbon, oh look it also comes in racing red as well!

Now some people's idea of stepping it up may not necessarily mean stepping on the pedals. Those people are obviously waiting for this...

Ducati also does a bike for the hooligans out there, the Hypermotard:

Something for everyone!

Now I said I recently purchased a Santa Cruz myself...
Or did I?

Well, maybe we best let Ruben Xaus have the last word:

Xmas Gift Idea No. 1, Straitline Pedals with Mountain Bike Mag Review included.

So you don't know what to fill the stockings with for Xmas?  How about a set of Straitline Pedals, especially the Ltd Edition Jeff Lenosky ones.....lovely in Matte Black with 24 karat gold plated pins (that's real bling for you).  Of course there are all the colours available too.

Anywho, I am sure all you guys know how great the Straitline Pedals are, but just in case you forgot.....Mountain Bike Mag did a review of them.

They sum up by saying;
"the Straitlines are one of the most robust and best feeling pedals we've tested. They're not the lightest or thinnest out there, but they make a great choice for hard gravity riding."

If really you want to read the complete review, click here, they also compare some other flat pedals, but just trust me, you don't need to read about those.

OK, are you on the phone talking to your local bike shop and ordering a set yet?  Go on, do them a Xmas favour, there's been a recession.....go a spend some of your tax break at your LBS, they will love you for it.

Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Harriet Harper - Between Two Ferns

Harriet Harper, Current National and Oceania DH champ, current Coppermine winner and 3rd place getter in the Pro-Elite XC national cup round in Christchurch, on a AM set up Blur LT carbon and a Camelbak. 

If there were a stereotypical downhill rider mould to break, Ms. Harper would be the one breaking it (probably with a large sledgehammer).
DH racer, XC racer, Doctor (hopefully you won't need her services in the ED unit), my neighbour, Hyperformance Hardware Friday board meeting member and Opera singer. 
(OK, one of those I just made up).

1) Who are you?
Harriet Harper

2) Bikes, what have you got, what have you ridden, what would you like, what’s you fav? What do you love about your bike/s?
SC Blur LT carbon and Driver 8. And the roadie. And some bikes I need to sell-small v10, aluminium make way for carbon v10!!!
My favourite bike is always the newest bike.

3) What sort of mountain biker do you class yourself as?
General purpose. Beer drinking.

4) Best race ever?
Coppermine at the beginning of the year!!!

5) What motivates you?
Getting to eat lots after riding, getting better each time, hanging out with people. (going to the pub)

6) Who motivates you, do you look up to, special person, people that help you out, etc, bla, bla?
Everyone else. There's always someone who is going to push you doing something.

7) Goals for the season?
Sticking with Downhill racing for the season:
1. Get time off work for racing
2. I've got a few names on the list in the men's field that I will try to be competitive with. I know  they won't want to be beaten by a girl anyway so I know they will be trying.
3. Beat Boyd as much as possible.  (Was that 3 seconds at the last Nelson DH race?  Sorry Boyd)

8) Coppermine Spot prize should be? (and have you voted?)
a) Butcher
b) Nickel
c) Heckler
d) Nothing, the race is great, let Mike keep the Nickel....he needs more bikes.
One of each. To everyone. On entry to the race. (I'd definitely enter again.)
(The correct answer is let Mike keep the prize, didn't we discuss this answer? M.S.)

9) The secret to winning?
a) Motivation DVD’s that you buy off late night TV
b) Read some books
c) Ride my bike lots
d) Other
c and d: Minimal other competitors entering the race.

11) How wide are you handle bars and are you planning to go wider?
760mm.  No. Wide enough.

12) Your favourite ride (you can say Peaking Ridge)
The bottom part of Peaking Ridge and Wakamarina.

13) Petrol head Friday
a) V8

b) Ricer
c) Hybrid
d) WTF?
Anything without a catalytic converter, I'm pretty sure the one in my car is stuffed!

14) Shuttling?
a) Yes
b) Mum usually drives us to the top
c) I would rather ride up, thanks!
d) You’re crazy, I’m not riding down that.
All except d. (and I wish b were true).

15) Why are you a better rider than Mike S?
Better excuses. (more legitimate).
(Yeah right, Harriet is a far better ride than me......and I thought my excuses were all good M.S.)

Seb Kemp is Riding a Butcher

Seb Kemp got a new Butcher and it's Lime Green (see it's not just me that likes this colour).
So if you need to know what everyones favourite internet poster and now ex-29er rider has to say about the Butcher, better rush over to he his blog here;
Mr. Kemps blog is always worth reading too, so add it to ya list of favourite blogs now.

Oh yeah...Vote, vote, vote...if you like the Butcher, vote for it as the Coppermine give-away at the top right of my blog.  Go's not hard.

Friday, December 03, 2010

Between Two Ferns - Tim Wilding

Next instalment of Between Two Ferns is Tim Wilding.  With the best costume at the SSWC2010, a new Tallboy a very close second place at the Huka XL and getting ready for the Coppermine, he was the obvious choice to talk to next.
Check out Tim's blog if you want to more about his Huka XL race and his new Tallboy and you have to do is click here;

1) Who are you?

Tim Wilding. Who are you?

2) Bikes, what have you got, what have you ridden, what would you like, what’s you fav? What do you love about your bike/s?
Currently riding a Santa Cruz Tallboy and an Ibis Silk Road. I’ve had a Tranny, Blur XC Carbon, Blur XC, Superlight and Mojo. All were pretty awesome bikes in their own way and so it’s hard to pick a favourite. The Tallboy is definitely rocking right now. But I also had a hell of a lot of fun riding my Tranny as a singlespeed. It was close to perfect for those mid winter missions when the trails are muddy and your knees have all of spring to recover. I still have a massive soft spot for the Superlight. I reckon it would be hard to find a bike that provides the same amount of enjoyment per dollar than that thing. What I love about them is that I started winning once I got a Santa Cruz.

3) What sort of mountain biker do you class yourself as?
Cross-country racer / trail rider.

4) Best race ever?
Coppermine. It’s just an awesome ride bound in a super friendly and well organised event. And it’s in Nelson, so there are cool trails to ride after the race.

5) What motivates you?
My motivation to ride stems simply from the enjoyment I get from the trails. My motivation to race stems from a desire to prepare myself physically and mentally as best I can to test myself against others.

6) Who motivates you, do you look up to, special person, people that help you out, etc, bla, bla?
Funnily enough, rowers motivate me. They train so hard, and are so strong, its little surprise they tend to dominate after branching into other endurance sports. Seeing what they do definitely redefined my perception of what is possible and where the limit to training is.

I made a vow a while ago to not really look up to any cyclists who I didn’t personally know. I just got sick of my hero’s getting busted for doping. Yeah, they were already outstanding athletes, but they’re also cheats. F*** that. So I’m inspired by those around me. Guys like Oli Brooke-White at Roadworks, whose unwavering love and support really has given me the extra edge in competition. And the hard-case old mountain bikers like Pete Lockwood and Trevor Stevens in Taupo who blaze around on dunga bikes, having a blast and keeping up with the young ones.

7) Goals for the season?
Have fun. Do at least 5 all-day trails from the Kennets Guidebook which I haven’t already ridden. Don’t be a dick. Train consistently and arrive at a position where I’m a legitimate contender to win the big races.

8) Coppermine Spot prize should be? (and have you voted?)
a) Butcher
b) Nickel
c) Heckler
d) Nothing, the race is great, let Mike keep the Nickel....he needs more bikes.

9) The secret to winning?
a) Motivation DVD’s that you buy off late night TV
b) Read some books
c) Ride my bike lots
d) Other
d) - The desire to keep Cabin in that bridesmaids dress.

10) Most inspirational thing your parents have said to you.
‘You can make your own decisions, but I’d be saddened if you wound up as a truck driver like me.’

11) How wide are you handle bars and are you planning to go wider?
I dunno. 620mm? Maybe I’ll go wider. Maybe I’ll go so wide that I can’t actually ride anything but gravel roads (hardcore) or trails built by Bike Taupo applying their 1.5m theory.
(Hmmm, since Tim is running Easton Carbon handle bars, I would say they are probably 685 wide, 620 is pretty narrow M.S.)

12) Your favourite ride (you can say Peaking Ridge).
Peaking Ridge is pretty amazing, and was the moment when I understood why Mike had a Nomad and not a Blur XC. But for pure soulfulness, Tree Trunk Gorge is my favourite ride. Life is always right after that ride.

13) Petrol head Friday?
e) This guy:
14) Shuttling?
E) I never have, but I can appreciate why.

15) Why are you a better rider than Mike S?
Because he’s yet to win Karapoti.

Thursday, December 02, 2010

Petrol Head Friday - The Lazy Arse Edition

It was a tough call between pretending it's still Thursday and not doing a Petrol Head Friday...or looking up some stuff on Youtube and posting it.  Guess what won?

First up, the Lancia Stratos.....remember this was the early 70's, before Saturday Night Fever and Star Wars.  Not sure what to horrible 80's cover music is about.

Audi introduced 4WD to rallying, everyone else thought it would be too tricky and have no advantage, in hind-sight, they might of been wrong.  Anywho, for most of us, when we think Audi, we think Quattro (or 4WD).  Now just watch the clip.

The next clip you just need to watch and wish that you could do that....supposedly stunt drivers in a semi-controlled environment (which is how I down-hill race, semi-controlled)

OK, Just one more......true Petrol Heads need to visit Japan.....

Mark Weir, Nomad Carbon, Story of XTR and some other Geeza

Mark Weir likes his new XTR....running 1 x 10.....but they won't show what front chain-ring he is running.
Some nice scenery too.