Friday, April 15, 2011

Mojo SL-R - It's the new Ibis

OK, here's the new Ibis Mojo SL-RIbis have spent five years refining the Mojo/Mojo SL, it was time for a full reboot. A sub-5 lbs(2250g) trail bike frame with the proven Mojo/Mojo SL geometry and suspension (140 mm travel).
Despite the lack of model years, from the introduction of the Mojo, through the Mojo SL and the Mojo HD, Ibis has continually sought to refine and improve the bikes we offer. The present Mojo SL and the Mojo HD represent the most advanced evolution of our designs. The Mojo SL frames that we make today, for instance, are dramatically stiffer and stronger than the original Mojo. With the Mojo HD, by incorporating some of the latest component standards, such as - tapered steerers and thru-axle rear axle designs, we took it a step further. However, to make the Mojo SL-R we had to start from scratch.
At the heart of it, the Mojo SL-R utilizes a new manufacturing technology that delivers a stronger, stiffer, lighter and more consistent carbon fiber structure. The carbon fiber preform is laid up on a sacrificial latex mandrel that is a precise mirror of the optimal interior profile. This method allows us to use long continuous fiber plies and eliminates the need for foam fillers and dams. The end result is stronger, stiffer, and lighter.
In addition to this new manufacturing method, we utilized several new component standards to further optimize the design:
  • Tapered 1 1/8” to 1.5” head tube (Cane Creek ZS44 ZeroStack 1 1/8" top/ Traditional 1.5" bottom). Provides more precise steering control and enables the use of Cane Creek’s AngleSet for customized steering geometry.
  • 142 x 12mm Maxle thru-axle rear drop outs. Tie the rear end together providing a stout Mojo HD like swing arm and easier wheel installation.
  • Direct mount front derailleur. Using the high direct mount standard drivetrain compatibility for both 2x10 and 3x10 drivetrain. Also, eliminates the “neck-down” of the seat tube improving BB stiffness and frame strength.
  • BB92/Press GXP style integrated BB is lighter and stiffer

Additional features include:
  • FOX RP23 with Genuine Kashima Coat and Adaptive Logic ProPedal shock standard.
  • Carbon fiber post-mount rear brake mounts and integrated drop outs
  • Four colors: Matte Clear, Lamborine Orange, South Beach White and DB5 Silver
  • The new chain suck plate has more coverage
  • Same proven geometry of the Mojo SL
  • Titanium fasteners abound
  • Links interchangeable with Mojo SL links
  • Best of all, target weight for the frame is sub 5 pounds (2250g) for a large matte clear.
  • Complete bike with XTR in size large 22.4lbs(10.16 kilos) w/o pedals

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