Retailers in New Zealand

Retailers in New Zealand. These good guys & gals will have a range of our bikes and products in store and ride them too

Planet Cycle

213 Dominion Rd, Mt. Eden, Auckland 1024

09 630 6940


33 Barry's Point Road, Takapuna, North Shore 0622, Auckland

09 489 5494, 0800 KIWIVELO,

Torpedo 7

K Road, Auckland 1010

09 309 6444,

Bike Culture

1133 Pukuatua St, Rotorua

07 343 9372,,

Central Bicycle Studio

69 Walding Street, Palmerston North, 4414

06 358 6151,,

Dirt Merchants

93 Aro Street, Aro Valley, Wellington

04 385 0398,

Torpedo 7

Cnr Rutherford & Bridge Street, Nelson 7010

03 548 4999,

Scotty Browns

206 Wordsworth St, Sydenham, Christchurch 8023

03 366 3773,,

Torpedo 7

1 Picton Ave & Blenheim Road, Tower Junction, Addington, Christchurch 8011

03 365 2178,

Torpedo 7

The Forge Building, Cnr Camp & Shotover Streets, Queenstown 9300

03 409 0409,

Racers Edge

99 Ardmore Street, Wanaka 9305

03 443 7882,,

Torpedo 7

70 Stuart St, Dunedin 9016

03 474 1211,

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Petrol Head Friday - Ferrari

The above clip is for the new Ferrari FF, it's Ferrari's first 4 wheel drive car and it's a 4 seater and described to be their most versatile car ever.  You can read more about the FF on EVO and decide if that's the car you want to spend your Lotto winnings on.....looks good to me and if I could squeeze a bike in the back.

You can't be a Petrol Head without knowing a little bit about Ferrari.  Founded by Enzo Ferrari, in 1929 initially to sponsor drivers and prepare race cars, but went on the produce street legal cars in 1947.
Ferrari is based in Maranello, Italy.....which is a great place to visit.

You should probably have a top 10 Ferrari list, it would be best include the 250 GTO, the Dino Ferrari, the Daytona Ferrari, the F40, the 308 Ferrari  (yes, the one Magnum PI drove) and that should be enough to tell that you know a few things about Ferrari.  There are plenty of models to chose from, but make sure you have a reason for them to be on your list and with Ferrari, looking great is a good enough reason.
On my list I would add the 288GTO, the F430 Scuderia and the 599 GTO.....I have my reasons.

I'm also a BIG fan of the 250 GT Lusso, Steve McQueen used to own one (but that's another PHF story)

The other thing you need to know about Ferrari is Formula 1 racing, which Ferrari is referred to as Scuderia Ferrari (which means Ferrari stable).
Ferrari have competed in every Formula 1 race since its inception in 1950 and in the oldest and most successful team.  If you click on the link about, you'll see how successful they are.

Ferrari is one of the worlds more recognisable brands, so you would have to literally living under a rock for a very long time not to have heard of Ferrari and I would guess that most people could pick out a Ferrari in a crowd.
Did you know that Ferrari don't spend a cent on advertising?

Not bad for a company that was started by one man who was a mechanic for Alfa Romeo (which will probably be another PHF story).

Last but not least, the Rendezvous clip, Ferrari in Paris....real or not?

Straitline Race Rings - Coming soon.

If you think Straitline have just been resting on their laurels and kicking back in Canada, you would be completely wrong.
Here are the new Race Rings that they've been working on, light but not too light to compromise rigidity, made from 7075 T6, hard anodised, 34T, 36T, 38T & 40T and with more options to follow.

More on the Straitline Blog.
Donny and Danny modelling with the new Race Ring.  Oh yeah, don't click on the link, its NKOTB

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Coppermine Spot Prize - Santa Cruz Butcher

The Santa Cruz Coppermine Epic is less than a month away, so no more slacking around on getting your entry in.  To make your life easier (no more visualisation), I have posted a picture of Butcher frame which I will start building up soon (well, at least before Feb. 19th).  I will decide on the kit options soon, thinking about a 1 x 10 build,  which really suits the Butcher.

Looks fantastic in Sea Bright Blue.

I also just noticed that Santa Cruz snuck in a few more reviews of the Butcher on their site, which are all of course very good. FYI there is a new review for the Nickel too.

Look forward to seeing you all at the get that entry in.

Three Vid's for Tuesday

So if you're feeling anything like me at the mo' it still feels like Monday and you're not quite ready for work are 3 completely different clips to keep your thoughts on your priorities.

First up Team Santa Cruz MIA from France (yes this clip was on 104bronson).

Next up, an interesting little clip I found on youtube of the San Juan Trail of a man with his GoPro and Ibis Mojo HD.  Kind if weird camera angle?

OK, just one more.....this one is of Adam Brayton, Straitline sponsored rider. The nice thing about this clip is that is has the Naked & Famous song, Young I'm keeping it kiwi.

More Mountain Biking Videos

Monday, January 24, 2011

MTB Cup Round 3 - Rotorua Cancelled.

Photo thanks to Cathy Love's facebook page.
Harriet Harper pre-weather bomb
Photo thanks to SingleSpeed Rotorua's facebook page.
Hamish Seaton DH event Village

If you were anywhere in top part of the North Island yesterday, I don't think you would have been surprised to find out that MTB Cup DH race in Rotorua was cancelled due to bad weather.
Press release from MTBNZ here;

Personally I was in Nydia Bay Lodge for Richie and Mel's wedding, which was a great weekend and the ride in from Nydia Bay Saddle to the Lodge was said to be the grippy-ist ever.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Petrol Head Friday - Nurburgring

You can't be a petrol head without knowing a little something about the Nurburgring, so if you need to swat up, read this on Wikipedia.  Probably the best thing about the Nurburgring is that for 80 years it has been open to the public as a toll road, with very few speed restrictions.

As you can see, it's been a pretty popular place for a Sunday drive, the above clip shows you why I am not a VW Beetle fan.

Looks like Porsche have fixed the windscreen falling out problem.

The other thing you need know about the Nurburgring is Sabine Schmitz, who basically spends all day driving around the the 'ring.  Actually she can probably drive a Transit van faster than most, her amazing driving made famous by those great petrol heads at Top Gear

And you don't even want to touch the production car lap time record, that's just a can of worms.

Anywho, with 147 corners, you got to put it on you bucket list of things to do.  Until that time you have two options;
1) You can drive the at the Nurburgring virtually via something like GT5

2) Or live vicariously via youtube through someone who has a similar car as you.

Supposedly you can hit just over 95km/k on a road bike too (on the 'ring)...but would you really want to?

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Ian Goldschmidt - Between Two Ferns

With the Coppermine just around the corner (19th of February....just in case you have's OK enter now), it's about time to talk to one half of the Coppermine team.
I've been pretty lucky getting to know someone like Ian, he's pretty handy on his Nomad (still drops me on Peaking Ridge) and being an ex-endurance racer means he's the last to break on a long ride.
Obviously he has great knowledge of the all the good riding in Nelson, which is how he come up with the idea of the Coppermine.

1) Who are you?
A keen bike rider who likes rooty single track, also a pert time race organiser (Coppermine epic)

2) Bikes, what have you got, what have you ridden, what would you like, what’s you fav?  What do you love about your bike/s?
I'm lucky enough to ride a Santa Cruz Nomad, I wouldn’t swap it for anything.

3) What sort of mountain biker do you class yourself as?
Hard question…  competitive….

4) Best race ever?
Southern traverse when it was multiple day. Best MTB race, have to say the Coppermine

5) What motivates you?
The ability to get better each time you ride

6) Who motivates you, do you look up to, special person, people that help you out, etc, bla, bla?
Chris Burr, very fit, very fast, very skilled and very modest

7) Goals for the season?
Get my daughter riding single track

8) Coppermine Spot prize should be? (and have you voted?)
Yes has to be the Butcher for sure (Luckily that's the spot prize M.S.)

9) The secret to winning?
Racing for the right reasons, to improve yourself

10) Most inspirational thing your parents have said to you?
It's about time you left home

11) How wide are you handle bars and are you planning to go wider?
Don’t now and yes

12) Your favourite ride (you can say Peaking Ridge)
Anything that starts after you have climbed to the top of fringe hill

13) Petrol head Friday?
 No Fu8Kn idea what you are on about

14) Shuttling?
Bike were made for riding up hill as well as down!

15) Why are you a better rider than Mike S?
Ian didn't answer this question, but take it form me.....pretty rare to me to stay ahead of him on a ride.

Coppermine from Sam James on Vimeo.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Napier MTB Cup round - Some hanging out on Podiums.

Santa Cruz riders get some good results and then get to stand on podiums.....and for some of them the all important UCI points.  There seemed to be a good helping of Nelson based Santa Cruz riders doing pretty well too.

 photo thanks to Helen Brumby's facebook page
Harriet jumping her new V10 Carbon into a easy 2nd place.
Harriet is now based in Nelson and is part of the infamous Stanley Cres DH gang.

Picture thanks to Michelle Bellamy's facebook page
Dirk Peters set a grueling pace right from start to finish on his new matte black Blur XC carbon and finished 1.59 ahead of the closest rival.  A good way to start his MTB Cup season.

Picture thanks to Helen Brumby's fb page
Nelson based Vero Sandler shows me how to huck my Driver 8, finishing in 5th place in junior women and then went on to win the U19 XC race the following day......I think Vero may have a good future ahead of her.

photo thanks to Cathy Love's fb page
Stanley Cres DH gang president, Boyd Grinstead securing a 3rd place in the over competitive Master 1 category......sneaking just ahead of Bicycle's, Campbell Wilson.

Picture thanks to Michelle Bellamy's facebook page
New Nelson local, Eloise Fry grabbing 5th place in the highly competitive women's pro-elite field.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Why single-pivots still kick ass - Scotty raves about his new Bullit

I recently decided to pull the trigger on a new Santa Cruz Bullit, why? because my old Bullit was awesome. What I have found interesting is the reaction to my choice of bike. “Oh Scotty, technology has moved on! Why not get a Nomad/Butcher/Driver 8/VPP/APP/blahblahblah?”. 

Which got me thinking... Ladies and gentlemen, this is why single-pivots still kick ass:

TWO bearings. Yup, TWO.
Ride quality is not only about your shock and suspension design, your bearings are really important when it comes to everything doing what it needs to do. Anyone remember what happens to frames when the bearings seize up? That’s right, some quality metal-on-metal abrasion. I worked in the shops when the owners of a certain big-brand ended up having to replace whole swing-arms because they’d worn a hole through the alloy when the pivot seized up.

I’m lazy. I admit it. Despite being blessed with the ability to fix everything on my own bikes, when it comes down to it I’d rather just ride the thing then throw it back in the bike shed. I do not have the time to spend an hour post-ride washing and polishing my bike lovingly. Post-coital cuddling is for your significant other, not your bike. I also have a newborn chickie in the house who is going to take up a lot more of my time these days and if I have to spend my one solitary hour a day of free time on maintaining something I should be riding... well... I might just go postal with a chain whip.

Two bearings are easier to work on and require less maintenance. FACT.

No annoying suspension acronyms.
Virtual-piss-pot? Dr-who-like? Merlin? Fo-sheezy, right?

It’s all a bit silly really. It’s a single pivot, therefore, it has one pivot. Durrrrr.

Added bonus: Propellorheads won’t stop you on the trail to tell you how well your bike works and lecture you on how to set it up (this happened to me on Makara Peak one day) because there’s less to wank on about. To them you’re using the technology of the caveman, you might as well talk about that rock on the side of the trail you’ve been thinking about clocking them over the head with as you make your escape..

Brake Jack/Squat
Mountain Bike Action has a lot to answer for, and this is a biggie. RC, Jimmy-Mac and the rest of the Cali-crew with cool nick-names got all pissy when they couldn’t get their braking points worked out while going over the rough stuff and declared it to be a MAJOR problem with suspension design. In short, they got lazy, and unfortunately bike companies took it to heart and started trying to negate it.

Millions of man-hours have been spent on fixing a problem that isn’t really a problem if you know what you are up to. So many good frame designs have been compromised because the guys who brought you phrases like ‘black-diamond riding’ and ‘wanking your bar-ends’ to mountain-biking couldn’t work out how to ride their bikes properly.

F**k you MBA, f**k you all.
Being the hypocrite I am, however, the Bullit is available with a floating brake kit, and I’m going to add complexity and cost to my bike by adding it, despite the fact it comes with a free “stop being a dumb-ass and work out your braking” system built in. Again, it’s because I’m lazy.

Single Pivots look cool
Beauty is a subjective thing completely in the eye of the beholder, but yes, like the simple lines of a traditional diamond-shaped bike frame the single-pivot has a certain aesthetic appeal to aesthetes like me, but don’t ever lump me in with that form-over-function fixie/hipster crowd, or I’ll be breaking out the chain-whip again.

I’m sure there’s more, but this all I can come up with at the moment... and to be honest, if things get really 'siqq' I'll probably buy myself a driver and recant everything I've just written.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Petrol Head Friday - 2011 edition

Bejebus, does it take a long time to get back up to speed when you've been on holiday?

Anyways, I know you guys missed Petrol Head Friday, so for the time being I will try to keep it going....for a bunch of mountain bike riders, there does seem to be a lot of Petrol Heads out there.
Also, if anyone wants to do a guest posting of Petrol Head Friday, more than happy.

First up, probably the reason I become interested in cars, Group this and then you will understand.

Now if I ever managed to own a Porsche GT3, this is what I would do with it too.  Fantastic.

Wow, look at how much the world has changed, Mopar make performance parts for Chrysler's....check out the Youtube clip from 2009.

Now Mopar are making performance parts for the Fiat 500.....I told you it would be different with Fiat running the show.

Just to show I cover all aspects of the Petrol Head world, check out the guys at JDM legends, who love vintage Japanese performance cars.  Nice...and yeah, I just checked, there are no early GT-R's for sale on trademe......just incase you were going to rush out and buy one.

JDM Legends from Josh Clason on Vimeo.

OK, just one more....remember I talked about car advertising and basically it's there to reinforce purchasing decisions?
Check out the banned ad for the Dacia Duster....yeah, I don't really get it either....I am sure it appeals to James May.
OK it contains some offensive language, so best not to play it if you are easily offended.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Interview with Rob Roskopp

The guy who owns Santa Cruz talks about bike and stuff. It makes for some pretty good reading if you're that way inclined.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

OMG - Silly light V10 Carbon -32.16lbs

Mike Metz will be racing my Syndicate V10 in Rotorua......he did some personalization of the it now only wieghts 32.16lbs, how is that for the weight weenies?

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Harriet Harpers new V10 Carbon

If you have been paying attention, you would probably know that there are a few V10 Carbon's floating around.  
So around about the time most of you were full of Xmas cheer, merriment and thinking that maybe that last bit of Xmas ham could of pushed you over the limit........I managed to convince my freight forwarding guy and my courier people to get some bikes into NZ and out to waiting bike don't say I never do anything for you.

Anywho, Harriet has been thrashing her new V10 carbon for a little over a week now and it's been tested and approved on the new Fringed Hill DH course.
Harriet's bike build comes in pretty light, feels about the same weight as the Syndicate issue version, so we're looking 37lbs-38lbs mark.  Which is pretty silly light for a DH bike.
Of course it has the obligatory Straitline Stem, Silent Guide and Pedals.

You can spot Harriet and her new V10 Carbon at the next MTB Cup rounds. 

Here are some of my crappy photo's so you get an idea.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Adrian Armstrong shows Fabrice Wittner Wellington

Adrian just happened to bump into French photographer, Fabrice Wittner, who does seem to be very handy with a camera.  You can check out his blog here; It is in French....but that's what google translate is for.
That's Mr. Armstrong in the pictures.....he's pretty handy on his Nomad eh?

Friday, January 07, 2011

We're Still Out Of The Office - Riding Bikes

Hope you guys are having some quality (and quantity) time on your bikes, thought it was time to get back to some blogging.

Nydia Bay, first ride of 2011 (pictures by Barny Robinson)
You didn't have to have a white Nomad Carbon to come along on this ride....but it helped.

Sven Martin, just happened to be hanging out in Nelson
Barny......managed to take a picture of himself riding?
Sven and Anka.
Some Geeza.