Retailers in New Zealand

Retailers in New Zealand. These good guys & gals will have a range of our bikes and products in store and ride them too

Planet Cycle

213 Dominion Rd, Mt. Eden, Auckland 1024

09 630 6940


33 Barry's Point Road, Takapuna, North Shore 0622, Auckland

09 489 5494, 0800 KIWIVELO,

Torpedo 7

K Road, Auckland 1010

09 309 6444,

Bike Culture

1133 Pukuatua St, Rotorua

07 343 9372,,

Central Bicycle Studio

69 Walding Street, Palmerston North, 4414

06 358 6151,,

Dirt Merchants

93 Aro Street, Aro Valley, Wellington

04 385 0398,

Torpedo 7

Cnr Rutherford & Bridge Street, Nelson 7010

03 548 4999,

Scotty Browns

206 Wordsworth St, Sydenham, Christchurch 8023

03 366 3773,,

Torpedo 7

1 Picton Ave & Blenheim Road, Tower Junction, Addington, Christchurch 8011

03 365 2178,

Torpedo 7

The Forge Building, Cnr Camp & Shotover Streets, Queenstown 9300

03 409 0409,

Racers Edge

99 Ardmore Street, Wanaka 9305

03 443 7882,,

Torpedo 7

70 Stuart St, Dunedin 9016

03 474 1211,

Friday, April 29, 2011

Petrol Head Friday - Lamborghini Aventador

Just in case you just found out you won lotto.....a hard day in the office for the guys who work at Lamborghini eh?

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Brenda (Bob) Clapp IS the 2011 New Zealand Single Speed Champ

Bob and Mikey 2011 NZ Single Speed Champions, sporting their new tatoo's
photo thanks to
As with all National Single Speed racing, you really had to be there.....I wasn't, so hopefully Bob will update us with the highlights.....anyway, a picture tells a thousand here are some pictures of Bob.
All pictures were borrowed from 
Nice tattoo, nice outfit, nice bike.......a well deserved win for Bob and congrat's the Mikey too....our 2011 Single Speed National Champs.

Mike Ferrentino talks about the new Blur TRc via VitalMTB

Monday, April 18, 2011

Blur XC Carbon update shown off at Sea Otter

Photo from John Shafer
The Santa Cruz Blur XC carbon gets a bit of a make over, new colour options, tapered head tube and is a bit  lighter and stronger. (4.1lbs with rear shock, not too shabby).
Picture from a posting; here
 There's a little bit more info about the Blur XC Carbon here and the Santa Cruz website too.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Mojo SL-R - It's the new Ibis

OK, here's the new Ibis Mojo SL-RIbis have spent five years refining the Mojo/Mojo SL, it was time for a full reboot. A sub-5 lbs(2250g) trail bike frame with the proven Mojo/Mojo SL geometry and suspension (140 mm travel).
Despite the lack of model years, from the introduction of the Mojo, through the Mojo SL and the Mojo HD, Ibis has continually sought to refine and improve the bikes we offer. The present Mojo SL and the Mojo HD represent the most advanced evolution of our designs. The Mojo SL frames that we make today, for instance, are dramatically stiffer and stronger than the original Mojo. With the Mojo HD, by incorporating some of the latest component standards, such as - tapered steerers and thru-axle rear axle designs, we took it a step further. However, to make the Mojo SL-R we had to start from scratch.
At the heart of it, the Mojo SL-R utilizes a new manufacturing technology that delivers a stronger, stiffer, lighter and more consistent carbon fiber structure. The carbon fiber preform is laid up on a sacrificial latex mandrel that is a precise mirror of the optimal interior profile. This method allows us to use long continuous fiber plies and eliminates the need for foam fillers and dams. The end result is stronger, stiffer, and lighter.
In addition to this new manufacturing method, we utilized several new component standards to further optimize the design:
  • Tapered 1 1/8” to 1.5” head tube (Cane Creek ZS44 ZeroStack 1 1/8" top/ Traditional 1.5" bottom). Provides more precise steering control and enables the use of Cane Creek’s AngleSet for customized steering geometry.
  • 142 x 12mm Maxle thru-axle rear drop outs. Tie the rear end together providing a stout Mojo HD like swing arm and easier wheel installation.
  • Direct mount front derailleur. Using the high direct mount standard drivetrain compatibility for both 2x10 and 3x10 drivetrain. Also, eliminates the “neck-down” of the seat tube improving BB stiffness and frame strength.
  • BB92/Press GXP style integrated BB is lighter and stiffer

Additional features include:
  • FOX RP23 with Genuine Kashima Coat and Adaptive Logic ProPedal shock standard.
  • Carbon fiber post-mount rear brake mounts and integrated drop outs
  • Four colors: Matte Clear, Lamborine Orange, South Beach White and DB5 Silver
  • The new chain suck plate has more coverage
  • Same proven geometry of the Mojo SL
  • Titanium fasteners abound
  • Links interchangeable with Mojo SL links
  • Best of all, target weight for the frame is sub 5 pounds (2250g) for a large matte clear.
  • Complete bike with XTR in size large 22.4lbs(10.16 kilos) w/o pedals

More info can be found on, and

Xterra 2011 by Annika Smail

Finally I get round to posting this, it feels like months have gone by since the race but it's not quite a week yet! I had intended to post this much earlier but I haven't had the time till now to get this done. So here it is, a bit about my Xterra 2011 experience :)

Rob and I were out on a cruisey run on Sunday a week out from Xterra when we started talking about Xterra and about who we thought might be doing it and somehow over the course of the run (which was no longer then an hour) I changed my mind from being convince I was NOT going to do it, to 'oh well I might as well do it, what have I got to loose? Worst case I come last but I will most likely have a good time out there.'
So that gave me not quite a week to get ready which pretty much meant all I could do was getting my head around doing the event as doing training during the 5 days before the event wasn't going to make me any faster but rather slow me down more.
Unfortunately I am really not a swimmer and to be able to do well at Xterra you want to at least have an average swim time, not super slow like me, so there aren't quite as many people ahead going into the bike leg, which means there are less people you have to pass to keep up a good riding pace.
Another small thing was that I hadn't done much running and had only been on the bike once since the final race of the N-Duro Bike Vegas Summer Cup on 13 March, instead I did a couple of weeks of skiing in Canada (I could call it cross training to make it sound better? ;) Cross training or not it was great fun and it made me feel more at home on skies but less on my bike, hopefully just for the moment. I am also pretty sure I am going faster on my skies then on my bike. (or maybe this has something to do with the skiing being downhill? ;) )
And the last little hiccup was that I didn't feel too rested after having worked with 90 teenagers over the last two weeks, most of them where great kids though!

So long story short, I was ill prepared for the event but was looking forward to a fun day out there.
I was a bit nervous before the race, even though I told myself I was just doing it to have some fun. Luckily for me the event starts with the swim so the 'worst' part is over and done with early on, the down side to that is that if you swim (or whatever you want to call what I do) as slow as me you end up at the very back of the crowd when you start the ride and there are masses of people to pass.
I came out of the water pretty much last in my field and probably in the field overall. It was crazy the amount of people I saw in front of me when I finally got on the bike, I was trying to pass as many of them as I could and made up quite a bit of places. By the time I changed into my running shoes and started my first lap of two around Lake Tikitapu (Blue Lake) I was in third position, I was a little surprised to hear that and was hoping I could hold my place. I knew that I wasn't going to do a fast run as my overall fitness wasn't great so it was about making sure to hold an ok pace and keeping that lead to 4th place which I managed to do.
There were heaps of spectators all around the lake cheering us on and having a good time which made it fun and entertaining, and the weather was just perfect, sunny and not too hot!

I am super stoked with getting 3rd in the women Pro field behind Karen Hanlen (who won) and Susie Wood at this years Xterra and I might seriously consider going for a swim before the next one ;)

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Spoke Magazine get a Butcher

The guys at Spoke Magazine get to test a few bikes, they get to give them a bit of hammering over a couple of months......but I thought, a couple of months isn't a really long they should keep it for a bit longer, lets say six months?

Of course I had to send them out a Straitline Silent Guide (dirt 100 winner no less) and Straitline SSC Stem (which really is a nice stem).  1 x 10 is the only way on a Butcher, I mean, you have to bolt something to the ISCG05 mounts.
The idea is that lots of people still by Santa Cruz's as frame only's, so the guys at Spoke have to go out and beg, borrow or steal the rest of the build......which doesn't seem to be a problem for them, so far.
You can check out their progress on

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Ibis News - New Bike Coming Very Soon

Ibis WILL be release a new bike for Sea Otter.

Scot Nicol is RIGHT NOW presenting to journo's, industry impresarios, etc. the new Ibis at Ibis HQ, I don't know what it is.....that will still be a secret for the next day or two.

Ibis new bike?
Ibis have made no secret that they are working on a 29er, but that bike won't be ready until Eurobike (hopefully).
Tyler Roemer waiting to take action photos of Ibis's new bike.
 I do know, that Ibis have a Tyler Roemer ready to take photo's of the new Ibis.....he's ready and waiting.

Pretty exciting really.....and now you guys know as much as I do.......well there is a bit of speculation on the old web forums around......but really, not sure if you can trust that. Could be all smoke and mirrors.

Watch this space.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

New Bikes From Santa Cruz II

So the Sea Otter Classic is only a few days away now, which seems to have become the new Interbike.  You should expect to see lots more new stuff from everyone.

Santa Cruz showed their hand early with the Blur TRc, Tallboy Al and Highball.
The good thing is that people like and have had a chance to spend some time riding the new bikes and flick out some reviews.
The Blur TRc review at can be found here; and the review can be found here;
Bikeradar also managed to do review on the Tallboy Al and that can be found here; have a first ride review on the highball here;

Singletrack magazine also have the Blur TRc on the cover.  Nice.

Can't wait to see what everyone else is releasing at Sea Otter.......I know Ibis are working on some new bike, they've been pretty tight lipped about the whole thing, even though I email them everyday.

Friday, April 08, 2011

Petrol Head Friday - Really Hot Hatch's and best Birthday bash ever.

I've been a little distracted thinking about 2012 bike stuff (I might of missed 2011) only a brief PHF.

Those lucky guys at Evo magazine get to drive the latest really, really hot hatch's and pit it against the Ferrari Enzo.....pretty sure they have one of the best jobs in the world.
I'm anxiously waiting for my latest issue of Evo to turn up in my letter box.

OK, so the guys at Evo have done something tricky and I can't embed the video I wanted to, you'll just have to go here to see the rest of it.

So what's your choice?  Impreza Sti, Focus RS or Audi RS3?
 More here;

Also, Happy 60th Birthday & Respect to Rod Millen.  For his birthday he ran the Leadfoot festival.
This was run this on his own property, where his 'driveway' is basically a hill climb stage.
More info and pictures can be found at the NZ Herald
I think I need a new drive way now......with a pump track in the middle.

Monday, April 04, 2011

White Man Can't Jump (but a Heckler helps)

1 second! 1 small but critical second is all that stood between me and the win at the inaugural Mt Victoria Super D. Don’t get me wrong I’m happy with race, but if there is one famous phrase to explain where that second was on the race track: White man can’t jump!
After being drummed up for a few months, Sunday April 3rd rolled around (along with an extra hours sleep) and the first of hopefully many Mt Vic Super D’s was on. As I mentioned Super D takes the nice bits of XC, combines them with the fun of DH and throws up a short but sweet mostly downhill race. Mt Vic is traditionally the home of many XC races including nationals, so instead of burying myself for 2 hours in the Mt Vic pines, a quick 5 min sprint was a nicer way to zoom through the trees. If Makara had a great turnout for its Super D, Mt Vic’s would have to be outstanding for it’s first effort; somewhere around 150 riders!

Onto the race. To say I hadn’t practiced the course that much is an understatement; I had been hammering it all week. After throwing on a brand new Bicycle DH top (complete with Amanda Jenkins name on the back to confuse a few people), off I launched into the track knowing every stone, root and corner that was going to greet me over the next 5mins, but what didn’t help was my lack of affection for the time I would spend in the air on each jump; terrifying for an ex-roadie like me. Even so, they all had to be hit if I was keen on a shot at the win.

The first section was a nice fresh track built just in time for the race with oh yes, a nice decent jump in the middle of it. After scrubbing a bit of speed on the approach I cleaned it smoothly, released my death grip on the bars, rolled the next two bumps, then did what a XC gimp does best; turn my pedals hard! The next section is basically what we use often in XC races, just in the opposite direction. Apart from almost shoulder charging a tree, this went by all smoothly. Next up the Bomb drop which had been causing all sort of talk for the last week on Vorb.

Great pic by Jordan Moss, made my jump look madcore!

Unfortunately after some great track work on this section during the week by the Wellington MTB crew, the quicker line was to just ride around it to set up the next rooty section; if that hot line had been blocked off it would have made for a wilder ride. After a smooth run through the roots and ruts around the Bomb drop section, the middle section beckoned; this where I had to make my time up as it was a solid minute of pedalling much to the DH’ers dislike.

With my heart in my hand and fire spreading in the legs I just buried myself over the knoll, along with a motivational cheer from my friend Adrian who reminded me how much money I was racing for: $500! A quick descent back down the other side followed, including a testing roll-over into the football field and more cheers this time from fellow Bushlovers and the girlfriend. Even though I had only been racing for 3 mins I was absolutely smashed by this stage, but luckily it was completely downhill now.

I can remember many a crash on the water tower track, rain or shine. Not this time, just a clean run including the shortcut to bypass Ricky’s punter long line (he’ll do anything to make a track easier). Straight across the road that on a normal day would involve a bit of car dodging (thanks Marco and his crew for holding the traffic up) and yes, I have seen people play chicken on that corner. Through the rooty hill section and onto the jump that proves I suck at jumps.

Another top pic Jordan, too bad I'm not smooth like Hadley
Not that it was a big jump but rather the speed you could get into it was the scary thing. Hadley showed me how cool it could look whipping it in practice, but I took the XC line strolling around the side (at least I hit it on my race run). After breathing a sigh of relief and negotiating another set of roots it was onto the part where everyone wanted to look their best; past all the spectators down the chute off the road, heading down to the skills field (at full noise to look cool of course). Through the final 100 meters of trees, quick jump/dip into the very bottom field and across the line; 4mins and 26sec of Super D action!

Instead of finding out how I did the organisers were crafty and hid the results from everyone until prize giving. After a clean run down the hill I was hoping for a top 5, but when Marcus (N-Duro races, did the timing) dropped a hint that I did a good ride hopes raised that I did in fact get a top placing. 5 min’s later and I found out that my run was good enough for 2nd place, 8 tenths of a second too slow for the $500 prize! I’m not going to lie, I’m gutted I didn’t quite do it after coming so close, but to beat a rider like Kurt Lancaster down a hill involves a perfect run that also requires jumping better then a punter XC jey boy.

Will the Mt Vic Super D be on next year? I hope! Will I do more Super D races? Of course! Will I do DH races? Um, think I’ll give that a bit more time.
I really have to thank all the crew involved in the 2011 Mt Vic Super D, from what I saw it was a roaring success. The tracks were mint, the weather was spot on, the organisation was second to none and everyone that rode looked to be enjoying themselves.

Time to go buy a jumps video!
(Ricky, you still need to beat me in DH/Super D race)

Credit to the anonymous photographer, great pic's.

Friday, April 01, 2011

Petrol Head Friday - BMW April Fools

OK, I have stolen the idea for story directly from the EVO magazine website......anywho.....every April 1st, BMW put some tongue in cheek ads that as we say here in NZ....take the mickey out of themselves.

To celebrate the forthcoming wedding of HRH Prince William of Wales and Miss Catherine Middleton, a very special Royal Edition of the BMW M3 Coupe will be available at BMW dealerships throughout the country from today, and for this month only. The majestic Royal edition is available in three colours - Regal Red, Bridal White and Imperial Blue. It is resplendently upholstered in Windsor White Dakota leather and adorned with our commemorative 'Will' emblem.

For more information, call 0800 777 120 or contact


 You can see all their April 1st ad's here;

The long winter hours at the BMW factory must just fly by.....trying to think of next years joke.

Straitline - Always ready for April 1st

Untitled from Dunbar Cycles on Vimeo.