Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Spring Clean - 2012

Jamie Nicoll - Another day in the office of an Enduro Racer
Well it's that time of the year again, we've had a month of daylight savings and we're all working on our summer ride know, races, trips away, must do rides etc.  Ahhh, summer, you gotta love it.

Ethan Glover - Winning the QTown 6 hour Super (Photo Spoke Magazine)

It's also a good time for me to go go through all my emails, hard-drive, social media thingies, etc and hunt out all the photos I've been meaning to use somewhere......but never quite got around to I might as welll just sort of randomly post them on my blog.......seems like a good idea.  I also get to play with some photo filtering software...which I've been meaning to do for a while now.
Damian Stones - doing what he does so well
Andy Reid - Coppermine
Trish Wrigley - Getting air in Wanaka (another day in the office for Trish)
Harriet and Damian, photo opportunities (pretty sure that's Grant Sterling in the back ground) 
Anja - Comfortably Numb - Whistler
Nick Lambert - Colorado (photo thanks to Nick Lambert of
Boyd - Hucking in Pemberton....YOLO!
Nelson Enduro Race
Anne-Caro Ibis photo shoot (Ibis have signed her up for another two year, nice).
Danimal Trail, Whistler - I just love the trail marking
Thomas railing, photo thanks to Cycl1n
Leighton, too much of a good thing (borrowed from facebook)
Not forgetting the post ride hydration.
So what are you waiting for.......stop reading this blog and go ride your bike.

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