Retailers in New Zealand

Retailers in New Zealand. These good guys & gals will have a range of our bikes and products in store and ride them too

Planet Cycle

213 Dominion Rd, Mt. Eden, Auckland 1024

09 630 6940


33 Barry's Point Road, Takapuna, North Shore 0622, Auckland

09 489 5494, 0800 KIWIVELO,

Torpedo 7

K Road, Auckland 1010

09 309 6444,

Bike Culture

1133 Pukuatua St, Rotorua

07 343 9372,,

Central Bicycle Studio

69 Walding Street, Palmerston North, 4414

06 358 6151,,

Dirt Merchants

93 Aro Street, Aro Valley, Wellington

04 385 0398,

Torpedo 7

Cnr Rutherford & Bridge Street, Nelson 7010

03 548 4999,

Scotty Browns

206 Wordsworth St, Sydenham, Christchurch 8023

03 366 3773,,

Torpedo 7

1 Picton Ave & Blenheim Road, Tower Junction, Addington, Christchurch 8011

03 365 2178,

Torpedo 7

The Forge Building, Cnr Camp & Shotover Streets, Queenstown 9300

03 409 0409,

Racers Edge

99 Ardmore Street, Wanaka 9305

03 443 7882,,

Torpedo 7

70 Stuart St, Dunedin 9016

03 474 1211,

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Petrol Head Friday - Low is a Lifestyle

There are many, many different forms of Petrol Headism, StanceWorks is really worth keeping an eye on, the guys there follow the motto 'Low is a Lifestyle' and some of the cars they cover are truey amazing.
The car style may vary, but they all have one thing in common, they are low.
Also, their photo and video quality is out of this world.

If you like what you see here, I recommend you check out StanceWorks and follow them on their face book page. low is a lifestyle.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

A few Highball Alloy's make it to NZ

Well it's been a while since I have tortured everyone with my crappy photography skills.....but this is a special occasion.  It wasn't even 3 weeks ago when Santa Cruz released the news of their new bikes, but we've got a few Highball Alloy's  in the country already.  As long as you want a large gloss white frame, there is a slim chance you could be riding before the weekend.

What my crappy photography can't show is how nice the gloss metallic paint (powder coat) looks.

Anyway, this one is heading off to Hamish at Basic Bikes, for his personal ride.

Highball Lovin'

So what is behind the green door?
If you were getting ready to ride 114km race in the weekend, what bike would you use?

Anja McDonald, decide it was time to go big (wheels), so built on Saturday, this was Anja's impressions of the Highball after the weekend ride.

Tristan built the Highball up on Saturday and we took the 29ers for a good solid ride that afternoon (we dragged Ethan along behind us).
Turns out, that bike goes fast, like a fast thing that's fast.

Having been a vocal proponent of limiting 29ers to folk over 6 foot in height, I may have to start singing another song. There is some terrain that they're definitely more superior on. My view started changing during the first 46km of the Brevet, which was more or less 46km over river boulders, as I was being passed effortlessly by guys on 29ers, while I was being badgered to death on my 26inch hard-tail, bless her.

Anyway, the nail is in the coffin, and although I still find tall at the front, and I have to think carefully about cornering, just like one does on a cross bike, I can't deny the Highball is f8cking fast.

I'm looking forwards (just a little bit) to racing it this weekend at the Rainbow Rage Epic.
bar ends?

Friday, March 09, 2012

Picture of the Week, WTF, where the hell is PHF?

Just for a bit of change this week, PHF is on facebook, just because.....OK?

Today we have this great photo, taken by Ivan.....thanks mate.....sunset over Herne Bay.

If you missed it, there was supposed to be a spectacular aurora last night.

Monday, March 05, 2012

Santa Cruz Custom Colour Choice Program

Worth making a song and dance about it? I reckon it is.

Santa Cruz Custom Colour Choice Program from QiRBii on Vimeo.

The new Santa Cruz CCCP is up and working on their website, and worth wasting a few hours (maybe you were waiting for a flight to Wellington, James?) so you can figure out what your favorite colour combo might be....not easy, let me tell you.

The yellow with black is a pretty popular combo for a famous rock would have to grow your hair though....but everyone would appreciate the effort.

 Purple and yellow, good for all you LA Lakers fans, if you've already got the cap.

Or maybe you're a a massive Netherlands supporter and working on some ambush marketing?

Red with yellow detailing, always looks good and has been popular with a well established race car manufacturer.
Of course all the cool kids have matte finishes on their murdered out rides.

Friday, March 02, 2012

Petrol Head Friday - Fiat 500 Abarth - House Arrest

Better late than never......pretty distracted by work stuff.

Sales of the Fiat Abarth have not been going as well as they hoped in the USA, it's not all bad, Fiat 500 is the number 2 selling sub compact car.....just not selling as well as planned.  (The Mini Copper is number one)
So the best thing to do is get a new ad campaign......who would you chose to represent the Abarth 500?

I'm pretty sure I wouldn't chose J-Lo.

Oh yeah and there is still the Super Bowl Abarth 500 ad too, I am sure you remember that one.

I wonder if Kim Dotcom will get one?