Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Petrol Head Friday - ANZAC special - Death of the Lada Riva

Lada have finally stopped making the Lada Riva (or 2107).....not sure where you can get a brand new car with 60's technology anymore.  I am sure someone will miss it.....probably the boys at Top Gear, which manufacturer will the pick on next?

Monday, April 16, 2012

Just ordered my own CCCP Santa Cruz or Joining the Circus, you decide

Rightie-o-then, I will admit I was pretty excited about the new CCCP options on offer by Santa Cruz....although that did offer up a couple of dilemma's, firstly what alloy bike to choose?
That was sort of simplified by the introduction of the new Tallboy LT......but then Caleb Smith and Seb Kemp would have to find something else to hassle me about (which I am sure they will).

OK, I'll admit it, I am not an early adopter to the world of wagon wheels....and who knows, I might still prefer my Blur TRc or Nomad Carbon for our Nelson trails......I can assure you it will get some serious testing on Peaking Ridge.  I look forward to having new approach angles, lower b/b to axle height and I have only heard great things about the Fox Float34's.

The second dilemma was of course, colour and associated options, decals, matte or gloss?  I have always wanted a trans. brown Santa Cruz, but I also love orange bike......also, maybe it would be best to get purple, so people can come and tell me how much they love/hate the colour of my new bike.
After many......many.....many hours playing with the CCCP options on the Santa Cruz bike builder AND even after I thought I had decided, I would go back and re-check to see if some of the other colours looked better.

I have also started a hand out sheet, that will explain that I am not joining the circus, have not changed my sexual preference or any other manner of quips and smart arse remarks that I will have to put up with....especially since Nelson is the last known place in the planet of the 29er resistance.

Did I ever tell you the time I met Wes Williams?  1996, I Crested Butte, he was riding this mountain bike he made with rather large wheels.......well what do you know?

Pictured above is what I went for, my personal bike will probably have some straitline bits (silent guide, stem, seat clamp etc) and expect some XTR cranks.

Oh yeah, I have already had an offer from someone if I don't like it or I move to a carbon TBLTc.....just happened that orange is their favorite colour too.