Friday, September 28, 2012

2013 Santa Cruz Nomad Carbon - Smooth or Chunky?

2013 Santa Cruz Bicycles Nomad C - Smooth or Chunky? from santa cruz bikes on Vimeo.

Petrol Head Friday - Looking for a Great Clip not by Chris Harris

So I've been doing the hard work (so you don't have to) and trying to find the perfect PHF clip, but I always end up with one done by Chris Harris.  Really I tried, but I don't think there is anyone as passionate about getting behind a wheel of a car than old Harris Monkey.

I will try harder next time, honest......if you don't want to see Mr. Harris thrashing the bejebus out of Porsche can check out this instructional video on how the use the new iOS6 mapping app

Thursday, September 20, 2012

New vid from Ibis.

Noble Canyon from Ibis Cycles on Vimeo.
We start with a peek inside Ibis along with a quick run through a bunch of the bikes we've built in the last 31 years. After that, we quickly get out of the shop and onto the trail.
Follow Brian Lopes, Anne Caro Chausson and Andrew Whiteford as the have their way with Noble Canyon, near San Diego California.
No massive hucking (or any hucking for that matter), but a whole lot of excellent quality singletrack.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Hyperformance Hardware go BMXin'

Seth's BMX get's some custom paint for the new season.

Looks just like a normal white (with pearl) BMX bike from the right hand side.

And black on the left hand side.

Pretty trick eh?  Seth actually chose the colour scheme himself.

Seth in Action....keep an eye out for him....I'm sure he'll be going faster with the new paint.

Friday, September 14, 2012

PHF - Petrol vs. Pedals

Petrol Vs Pedals from nick varley on Vimeo.
Ben 'Mansell' Thompson - Santa Cruz Nomad
Nick Varley - Caterham Roadsport

Disclaimer: filmed on empty trails / roads, within the capabilities of bike, car and both pilots.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Minnaar Turns Carbon into Gold

Minnaar Turns Carbon Into Gold from santa cruz bikes on Vimeo.
The Santa Cruz Syndicate are proud to announce Greg Minnaar as the new 2012 Downhill World Champion. Greg’s victory in Leogang marks the first time EVER that a Downhill Gold has been won on a carbon bike... the Santa Cruz V10.

Friday, September 07, 2012

Straitline Components - Back In....

Any colour you long as it's black eh?  So we had to do a top up on our Straitline stock, seems like black is everyone's favorite if you need flat pedals and you want them in black?  We have three options for you, AMP's, ether in limited (matte black with green graphics) or anodised black.  The Defacto pedals come in anodised black.

The Silent Guide is back in black too, 32T specific, 32T-34T or 36T+, get in quick.....I also have replacement guides in black (red, white or blue too), if you want to really murder out you ride.  50mm pinch stem?...comes in black too.

So black isn't the new black?  We can do red or blue, in either AMP or Defacto.

Hey!  Why the long stem?  No excuses now, we have stems and we have colours.....don't worry, we they come in black too.