Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Spring Clean - 2012

Jamie Nicoll - Another day in the office of an Enduro Racer
Well it's that time of the year again, we've had a month of daylight savings and we're all working on our summer ride know, races, trips away, must do rides etc.  Ahhh, summer, you gotta love it.

Ethan Glover - Winning the QTown 6 hour Super (Photo Spoke Magazine)

It's also a good time for me to go go through all my emails, hard-drive, social media thingies, etc and hunt out all the photos I've been meaning to use somewhere......but never quite got around to I might as welll just sort of randomly post them on my blog.......seems like a good idea.  I also get to play with some photo filtering software...which I've been meaning to do for a while now.
Damian Stones - doing what he does so well
Andy Reid - Coppermine
Trish Wrigley - Getting air in Wanaka (another day in the office for Trish)
Harriet and Damian, photo opportunities (pretty sure that's Grant Sterling in the back ground) 
Anja - Comfortably Numb - Whistler
Nick Lambert - Colorado (photo thanks to Nick Lambert of
Boyd - Hucking in Pemberton....YOLO!
Nelson Enduro Race
Anne-Caro Ibis photo shoot (Ibis have signed her up for another two year, nice).
Danimal Trail, Whistler - I just love the trail marking
Thomas railing, photo thanks to Cycl1n
Leighton, too much of a good thing (borrowed from facebook)
Not forgetting the post ride hydration.
So what are you waiting for.......stop reading this blog and go ride your bike.

Milk & Honey

Maybe it takes something a little bit different to get people excited about a race these days. Whatever it is, last Sunday's Milk & Honey race pulled quite a field. Around about 90 people, in fact. It's a novel format - a road race featuring a proper hill climb backed up by a mountain bike race with a proper downhill.  

So,  the road race bit was as expected - One large bunch heading for the bottom of the hill. From my position in the pack, nothing too much happened. A few breaks were thwarted and from where I was sitting it looked like mini-pinner (and eventual winner) Henry Jaine did the lion's share.

A few oddballs worth mentioning are Chris Burr who finished well up the field on his "Touring Bike ". Bob, who dialed the whole Takaka climb on a fixie and then nailed the Rameka on her singlespeed Tranny. And Jaimie Nichol, who not only finished 5th overall, but did so by riding his Santa Cruz Nomad for the ENTIRE race. He probably also slips into the record books by becoming the only person in history to use a seat dropper for aerodynamic advantage in a road race.

Tristan was bridesmaid again, coming in 4 minutes behind Henry (2.53.35) while Ed Kearly took third. Andy Reid took 4th, towing Jaimie in to the finish. 

The girls was a tight fought race finishing 10th (myself, 3.13.10), 11th (Meg Bichard 3.13.59) and 12th (Tiffany Farnsworthth (3.14.49) in the overall individual race.

Photos courtesy of Milk & Honey facebook page

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Welcome to 2013

Possibly Anka Martin in Rotorua?

If you've been paying attention, you would have noticed the the Bike Builder on website is working again.

So now you'll be able to find all their new 2013 colours, shock options, fork options and build kits.

If you have an iProduct, you can also download the catalog from itunes.....don't despair, if you don't.  I have got a PDF version of the catalog on dropbox, that you can download.

Now don't say I never do anything for you guys.