Monday, December 17, 2012


Tristan on his big yellow wagon wheels

Kashi, Mountain biking Otago and the scores of volunteers who put on the Urge 3Peaks Enduro last Saturday ought to be congratulated. Everyone who was there is still fizzing, and no one can wait till next year. Kashi's been to a few races himself, so although he may be a first-time event organiser, he knows well enough what's key to a great race. And it showed. Well organised, well marked, well timed, sweet trails and good times. Even Dunedin's notorious weather stayed at bay. Signal, believe it or not, was even dusty.

The enduro format worked brilliantly - Riders toured Dunedin's three prominent hills, cruising up with their mates (or getting an uplift with Magnum if you opted for the DH only version) and then killing each of the downhills. Each downhill section was timed top to bottom and then you would have a relaxed liason stage to get to the top of the next descent. You had a maximum time of 6.5hrs  hours for the complete course, which was generous, but really meant that you didn't need to sweat too much in between stages.

With 92 entrants this year, and (so I hear) a cap of 150, you'll need to get your entries in early for next year's event. 

Yeah, I'm so proud of this photo. It was still WAY faster than crashing.

The Girl's podium, Rosara, myself and Mel Blomfield

A wave of riders pedal up to the start of stage 1

 Mt Cargil was in perfect condition

 Overall winner Tom Lamb destroying Signal